Caboosers Picture Gallery

Publicity photo of the Caboosers before going on a road trip.

Members included from left to right :  

Tiny Bismeyer (trpt), Clarence Loos (bass), Deke Moffitt (reeds, keyboard), Ilene Farrel (Miss Cincinnati), Maurice Seltzer (keyboard), Stan Piates (clarinet). 

Below is an actual performance at the Netherland Hotel in Cincinnati.  Notice audience in a mirror on the right of the photo.  On the back of the photo was written "Presenting a trombone solo."  

Trombone player was Jimmy Henderson who later went on to play in the Lawrence Welk band.  Too, he married Shirley Carter one of dad's vocalists.  The story was told to me by Stan Piates (3rd from left) that dad took pleasure in tormenting and aggravating Jimmy that he got so nervous that he dropped and knocked things over.  He became knows as "Mr. Clumsy." 

The banjo player is Byrum Henry, a fine violin, guitar, and banjo player.  He died at a very early age.

 Publicity photos before going on tour through the US.

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