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Cincinnati's Armco Band

Dr. Frank Simon, Director 

Since the music stands contain the letters CC of M, it would appear that the photo was taken in the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music's performance stage.  My father is pictured in the right rear (3rd row seated).  His head is between the snare and bass drum.

In the trombone section is Ernie Glover (seated 3rd row from front, 6th from the left, 5th from left same side is Jimmy Henderson; seated 2nd row from the front 6th from left is Emil Smecklenburg; 2nd row, 5th from left is Eugene Frye (later became president of the Cincinnati Musician's Union).

Frank Simon was John Philip Sousa's longtime solo cornetist.

After DeLoyce returned from a year's sojourn in New Mexico, He skipped the 4th grade and went into the 5th grade, worked hard, and passed with good grades. 

 Deke at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

Deke's teacher was George H. Carr.

A 1927 report card stated that Deke was a "Very talented and serious musician; valuable in ensemble."


 Deke played in a concert at Glendale High School (Cincinnati) June 11, 1925.  This photo was taken in association with that concert.

Today, Glendale H.S. would be identified with the Princeton School District.

Dad's parents - Rev. C.F. Moffitt & Julia White

Photo was taken at their home in Corbin, KY.  Photo taken in the late 40's or very early 50s).  C.F. died of cancer.

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