Welcome to a site dedicated to my father DeLoyce "Deke" White Moffitt.

 Cincinnati, Ohio

 Rime 'n Reason

by Alice Kennelly Roberts as published in The Cincinnati Enquirer, July 22, 1976

In Memory of Deke Moffitt

Composer and orchestra leader of the 1930s and '40s; husband of Elaine Grassmuck Moffitt; father of Mrs. Paul Sheldon, Ft. Thomas, and Deke C. Moffitt, Columbus, Ohio.

Memories of "the good old days"...At mention of his name...Returned to bring back many thoughts...And personages the same...Stage shows at the Albee and Shubert here...Where his orchestra once played...Alt Park, Moonlight Gardens, Beverly Hills...Memories never to fade...clarinet, saxophone, music scores...Written for high school bands...These were part of the life he loved...Part of his public's demands...Then a series of strokes came on...Taking his strength and speech...Yet where his music could speak for him...Those were the people he'd reach.

Born:  August 13, 1906, Hardy, Arkansas

Died: July 13, 1976, Highland Heights, Kentucky 

Services held at First Baptist Church, Ft. Thomas, KY on July 16,1976 at 10:00 am.

Reverend George Munroe officiating.


  • Jack Howe, Friend
  • Andy Jacobs, Friend
  • Deke C. Moffitt, Son
  • Paul E. Sheldon, Grandson
  • Tony Salamack, Friend
  • Paul W. Sheldon, Son-In-Law

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