in this photo are B.A. Rolf, Ferde Grofe, Joe Cook, Ozzie Nelson, Eddy Duchin at Piano, Harry Sosnik, Rudy Vallee (on Sax) and Ernie Watson 

The above photo was taken at the backstage entrance to the Albee Theater ( Cincinnati, OH).  The above image to the right was printed on the back of the photo.

Dad & Betty Grable holding a new composition of his highlighting the Cincinnati Reds. ♦

Dick Powell on stage with trumpet in hand waiting for his cue. 

Deke with his brass section back stage at Beverly Hills CC.  Left to Right - Joe D'Geralamo, Joe Perrin, Wally Hahn, Jimmy Henderson (trombone) and Pierson D'Jaeger.  Henderson went on to play with Lawrence Welk.  Dad hired "the best" players in the city. 

One of Deke's bands at Castle Farm in Cincinnati. 

Castle Farm:  Accordion-Rick Russ, Middle Trumpet-Ralph Seibert, Sax (Middle) Stan Piates, Vocalist-Ruth Foster.

 Bill (Bojangles) Robinson and Deke were very close friends.  Bill said of Deke that  "His music made my feet fly higher and faster than anyone's music in the business.

Bill Robinson came to our home in Ft. Thomas and my parents dressed me up very special for the occasion...NOT! 

Herb Shriner, Deke and ?? at a club in Las Vegas.

Haven Gillespie being given a music award and receiving a hand from Deke.  Haven also wrote Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.  Seated, playing the piano, is Al Morgan.  His wife is standing next to him.   Also in the picture are a few unknown Hollywood actresses in Las Vegas.

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